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Frequently Asked Questions(Open all)

We have collected together a number of frequently asked questions. If you have a question that is not covered here, please do not hestitate to get in touch by email at MQGem support.

New to MQGem Software

Can I try the products before I buy?»

Yes. In fact we would recommend it. Contact us to request a 1-month, no obligation, trial licence, telling us the product you want to trial, the platform(s) you want to use it on, and your name and company details. We will not spam you or use your email for anything other than sending you the trial licence. If you decide that the product is not for you and doesn't solve your issue we would appreciate a quick email telling us how we fell short of your expectations. It is by user feedback that our products get better. However, feedback is not mandatory.

How do I convince my management to pay for your products?»

When making a case to purchase a software product, you should consider a number of aspects such as cost, time savings, quality, and employee satisfaction. We have created a Business Case document to help you in constructing a business case to justify the purchase of an MQGem Software licence.

Do you have any customer testimonials?»

Yes. You can see what some customers say about our products here. The quotes are anonymous since most companies (read lawyers) are not comfortable with public announcements of support for various reasons. However, many of these comments (and others) are viewable on public forums. We assure you that they are all genuine.

Licence related questions

On what basis is MQGem software licenced?»

All MQGem software is licenced as a subscription. Licences are bought for a certain period of time, such as one year, or two years. Any period of time up to three years is available should you require it. Prices are calculated pro-rata from the annual price.

The licences themselves are based on the location where the software is running and who is using it. Pricing is not based on other factors such as PVU, number of queue managers, number of messages, location of queue managers, etc.

Types of licences available are:-

Licence TypeDescription
Emeraldwill run on a single machine for a single userid
Sapphirewill allow one userid to run the software on any machine (not applicable for group userid such as mqm, mqmadmin, mqmtest etc)
Rubywill allow any user to run the program on a single machine
Diamondwill allow any user to run on any machine at a single site (postal address) - eg. Main Street, Phoenix
Enterprisewill allow the software to be run by anyone in the company on any machine

What is a Site/Diamond Licence?»

A Diamond Licence (sometimes known as a Site Licence) allows the program to be run by any number of users on all machines within a single site; a site being a single physical postal address or group of buildings within the same campus.

What is an Enterprise Licence?»

An Enterprise Licence allows the program to be run by any number of users on all machines across all sites of your Enterprise. An Enterprise is defined as the same legal entity.

What should I do if my machine name changes?»

If you are using an Emerald, or a Ruby licence where the machine name is part of the licence details and your machine name changes, say because you were just issued a new laptop, please contact us and we can re-issue your licence with the new machine name for the remainder of your licence term.

When I double click on the licence file it says 'invalid licence'!»

Our licence file, mqgem.lic is a simple text file understood by our products. It is not managed by any licence manager software. If your machine is configured to assume that a .lic file is associated with some licence manager software, then when you double click on the mqgem.lic file it will run that software to open that file. Since the licence manager software doesn't know how to read our simple text file, it will report that the file is invalid in some way. This simply means that it does not know how to read it. If you want to view an mqgem.lic file, just open it using a simple text editor, like Notepad on Windows. Note that if you do view the file, the dates are in DDMMYY format.

Is there a grace period on licence expiry?»

There is no grace period at the end of a licence term, however, renewing your licence early does not penalise you in any way. Any remaining time on your existing licence is carried over onto your new licence.

How early can I renew my licence?»

You can renew as early as you want within the limitation of licence length.

What is the longest length of licence I can have?»

3 years.

What is your renewal policy?»

Licences are not automatically renewed nor do we send out renewal email reminders. In most cases the products themselves will remind users when the licence is nearing expiry. If you wish to renew your licence, please contact us in plenty of time. We recommend renewing when you have at least three months left on your licence.

Do I lose any licence term by renewing early?»

No. Any remaining term is carried over to your new licence.

What versions of the product does my licence cover?»

All of them! You can always download, and run, the latest version of any product and, in fact, it is always recommended that you run the latest versions.

Questions about purchasing MQGem Software products

Are there any volume discounts?»

If you have multiple sites, then three sites can be covered for the cost of two Diamond licences. More than three sites can be covered by an Enterprise licence which costs the same as three Diamond licences.

Number of sitesNumber of Diamond Licences Required
4 or more (Enterprise Licence)3

So, in order to cover your entire enterprise, regardless of how many locations and employees you may have, you need only purchase 3 Diamond licences.

To get your discount please send an email to MQGem support explaining the type of licence you require.

What is your refund policy?»

We offer a pro-rata refund should you decide you no longer wish to use the software. If you're a new user and you are unsure whether the software is right for you, please take advantage of our free trial before you decide to purchase.

Can I buy MQGem products in my home currency?»

All quotes and invoices from MQGem are provided in two currencies, New Zealand Dollars (NZD) and your currency. You may pay the invoice in either currency, whichever you feel gives you the best deal. Amounts in a foreign (to us) currency include the currency conversion fee we pay to recieve your money.

What is your purchasing process?»

The simplest way to purchase an MQGem licence is to click on the 'Buy' button on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us to request a quote which will be sent as a PDF file. If the quote is acceptable, send us an email and/or a Purchase Order to confirm, and we will issue an Invoice PDF file. The Invoice will contain payment details. When payment is received, we will send the licence file(s) to the purchaser email address.

Can I pay by Credit Card?»

We accept payment by Credit Card through PayPal. In many countries you do not even need to have a PayPal account to use this.

Can I upgrade a licence?»

Yes. Essentially, we will add a pro-rata refund for your "smaller" licence to the invoice when you purchase the "larger" licence.

What information do you need to create a quote for me?»

We need to know the product name; licence type; licence duration; company name and currency.

Can I buy through a reseller?»

Yes. See our Resellers Page for more details.

Questions on how we service our products

What do I do if the software doesn't work as expected?»

Make sure that you are using the latest version of the software. All licence holders can use all versions of a product, and it is recommended that you always use the latest version. If the problem is still evident in the latest version, contact us describing the issue. Please provide as much information as you can. Our best chance of helping you is being able to recreate your issue. The more detailed you are, the more easily we can help you. If the problem is in a GUI product, consider whether a screenshot might help describe the problem; if you issued a command, tell us that command; if a particular message causes the error, consider sending us that message (using QLOAD or dmpmqmsg).

How can I discover if there is a new version of the product I am using?»

MO71 and MQSCX will inform you if a newer version is available to download. Alternatively, view the download page for the product on our website.

How do I get fixes for software defects?»

Download the latest version of the software from our website. Fixes are only provided on the latest version. If we need to build a new version of the product to fix your issue, we will send you the link where you can download the fixed version.

How can I request new features in the software?»

Contact us with your request, describing the problem you need to solve.

Where can I learn more about your products?»

We write about our products on our blog and produce videos on our YouTube Channel.

What's the installation procedure for a licence file?»

Copy the licence file into the same directory as the executable, or point to its location via the MQGEML environment variable. See product manuals for more details.

Training related questions

How do I get access to your online training?»

Send an email to our Training address and we will create you an ID on our learning platform. With this ID you can log on and access the free training module, and also self-serve using PayPal, any other training modules you want to take.

If I want to purchase multiple modules, do I have to do it one at a time?»

Not at all. We can group together multiple modules (also for multiple users if required) and invoice you with a single total which can then be paid by bank transfer or through PayPal. Once paid, we enrol the ID(s) on the modules purchased. Send an email to our Training address with your requirements and we'll get you all set up.

Is there a time limit for completing an online training module?»

There is currently no time limit set for completion of training modules.

How do I arrange for an on-site training course?»

Bespoke on-site training courses can be created specifically for your needs. Send an email to our Training address to start the process of putting together exactly the MQ training you require.

Can I trial online training before I buy?»

We have a free training module, 'MQG-101-00: First steps with IBM MQ', which is provided free of charge for a couple of reasons.

You can take this training module to decide whether you like our format of training before you proceed to purchasing a full-price module. To understand what is taught in each module, read the Training Brochure.