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Licence related questions

On what basis is MQGem software licenced?

All MQGem software is licenced as a subscription. Licences are bought for a certain period of time, such as one year, or two years. Any period of time up to three years is available should you require it. Prices are calculated pro-rata from the annual price.

The licences themselves are based on the location where the software is running and who is using it. Pricing is not based on other factors such as PVU, number of queue managers, number of messages, location of queue managers, etc.

The licence fee includes unlimited email support for the duration of the term of the licence.

Types of licences available are:-

Licence TypeDescription
Emeraldwill run on a single machine for a single userid
Sapphirewill allow one userid to run the software on any machine (not applicable for group userid such as mqm, mqmadmin, mqmtest etc)
Rubywill allow any user to run the program on a single machine
Diamondwill allow any user to run on any machine at a single site (postal address) - eg. Main Street, Phoenix
Enterprisewill allow the software to be run by anyone in the company on any machine