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MQEV: Process IBM MQ Events, Accounting and Statistics messages

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MQEV is a program which will process the IBM® MQ Event messages produced by your Queue Managers, and also the PCF based Accounting and Statistics messages produced by your distributed platform Queue Managers. It can receive these messages, store them, and allow you to search, filter, aggregate, and choose how long to retain the information within the messages.

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

  • Did anything unusual happen with my Queue Manager over the weekend?
  • Is queue or channel XYZ still being used? ...and, if so, by who/what?
  • What type of MQ clients are using my Queue Manager? JMS? C? Java? C++?
  • What version of MQ client are connecting to my Queue Manager? Are any of them old and in need of an update?
  • What channels are being used and what is the relative split of persistent message traffic?
  • How efficient are my channels? What is the average batch size in use over time?
  • Are my channel exits efficient? What time is being spent in them?
  • How is my network performing? How does my network round-trip time vary over time?
  • How does the activity/depth of queue X vary over the day? What are my peak traffic times?
  • How does the activity/depth of queue X vary over the last 3 months? Am I seeing an increase of traffic? Will my MQ infrastructure be able to cope with future demands?
  • Are my channels having to ever retry their puts to deliver messages?
  • Are any of my applications misbehaving? Do we see excessive amounts of failed MQI calls such as MQGETs, short connections, or are they opening/closing the queue for each message?
  • How is my processing speed varying over time? How long are messages languishing on queues? Am I delivering on my Service Level Agreements (SLA)?
  • Are my applications publishing to topics with no subscribers?
  • What is the maximum depth my queue has reached during a particular period?
  • and many more.........

These are the types of questions that MQEV can help you with, by providing a simple, and easy to use interface, into the wealth of data that your Queue Manager can provide you with. This data has been around for many releases, but many installations do not make use of it because the basic tools that come with IBM MQ make them very hard to analyse.

MQEV makes this easy for you with the following features:

  • Runs in either client or local binding to process Event messages from z/OS® and Distributed platforms
  • Runs in either client or local binding to process Accounting and Statistics messages from Distributed platforms
  • Does not require complicated and expensive Databases - all you need is MQ
  • An easy way to store a history of events, statistics and accounting information
  • Simple configuration of how long the data should be stored for
  • Fast search and display of all stored data
  • Consolidation and summarising of change events
  • Fast totalling of statistics and accounting data
  • Ability to easily write scripts to process and action events as they are issued
  • Ability to easily write scripts to mine the events and statistics data
  • Administration and display of MQEV data either by command line (MQSCX) or a GUI (MO71) - no extra licences required
  • Emit Event, Accounting and Statistics data immediately in JSON, MQSC or CSV format. Upload to your favourite HTTP listening service, such as Elastic, using GetPost.
  • 100% Java free!
  • and more.........
MQEV Event List in MO71 MOEV Event Display in MQSCX MOEV Graph in MO71
MQEV Datasheet thumbnail

MQEV runs on a variety of platforms and can be used to process the Event messages, and PCF based Accounting and Statistics messages on all versions of IBM MQ which are in support and which generate these messages. In particular this includes reading Event messages from Queue Managers on the z/OS platform.

For more information about the program and its features why not read the datasheet, or download the user guide.

Videos and Blog posts

You can watch videos which introduce some aspects of MQEV here. You can read blog posts on MQEV here. We are interested in your comments and suggestions for future videos and posts.


Please go to the download page here. To use the product you will need a valid licence file. A licence file can be purchased by following the link below. Alternatively you can send an email to MQGem support and you will be sent a trial licence valid for one month.

Purchasing a licence

It is recommended that before purchasing an MQEV licence, you download and run the MQEV program to ensure that it runs correctly on your platform and is able to connect to your Queue Managers. Please request a trial licence for this purpose as detailed above.

A distributed platform licence will not enable MQEV for z/OS to run, and vice versa. Please purchase a licence for the appropriate platform.

To purchase a licence file for the MQEV program please go to the purchase page here for Distributed and here for z/OS.