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MQMONA: Command Server Agent for IBM MQ

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The MQMONA Command Server Agent for IBM MQ is a program that can significantly improve the performance of MQ administrative tools in environments with low bandwidth, high latency, and/or large numbers of MQ objects.

The agent achieves this by listening for MQSC and PCF commands issued by programs such as MO71 and MQSCX. It forwards them onto the IBM MQ Command Server and when it receives the reply messages, it compresses and consolidates them into a few, perhaps even only one, IBM MQ message, to be sent to the original application's reply queue, and retrieved by the application over the client network link.

The agent runs local to your queue manager and helps you to overcome bandwidth and latency issues in your network by compressing the PCF replies - removing the many extraneous spaces, and consolidating the numerous replies into a smaller number of messages.

Features include:

  • Removal of redundant spaces in PCF strings
  • Consolidation of many small responses into one larger response message
  • Handles both MQSC and PCF commands
  • Covered by existing product licences, so free to use
  • Can run as a service, or be trigger started
  • Available on Windows, Linux, AIX and z/OS
  • 100% Java free!

For more information about the program and its features why not download the user guide.

MQMONA work flow MO71 QMgr Dialog showing MQMONA details

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The MQMONA program is completely free to download and run. Please go to the download page here. MQMONA is licensed as a result of your existing MO71 and/or MQSCX licenses. Whichever applications you want to use with MQMONA, ensure the MQMONA program can find the licences for those programs.