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Welcome to MQGem Software

Welcome to MQGem Software, producer of quality IBM® MQ products and utilities, at affordable prices; home to popular tools such as the MO71 administration tool and MQSCX command interface.

There are three areas where we can help your business.

MQ Administration

We have three products concerned primarily with administering your MQ Estate. MO71 and MQSCX allow you to administer your queue manager by issuing commands in a GUI or command line respectively. MQEV allows you to monitor, store and process the Events, Accounting and Statistics messages generated by your queue managers.

Message Manipulation

Clearly the messages themselves are the most important aspect of your system. We have three products which enable you to display, edit, archive, restore and manipulate those messages.

Recent News

4th September 2020

Version 9.2.0 of Q is now available for general download.

27th August 2020

QLOAD for z/OS is available for general download making QLOAD now natively supported on z/OS.

21st August 2020

MO71 Version 9.2.1 is available for general download containing three customer requested features

4th August 2020

MO71 V9.2.0, MQSCX V9.2.0 and MQEV V9.2.0 are now available.

4th August 2020

MQSCX and MQEV are now available on z/OS.

31st December 2019

New product MQEV Version 9.1.0 is available for general download, along with supporting releases of MO71 (Version 9.1.4) and MQSCX (Version 9.1.0). MQEV is free to use until June 30th 2020.

29th August 2019

MO71 Version 9.1.3 is available for general download supporting changes made in IBM MQ 9.1.3

7th August 2019

QLOAD Version 9.1.1 is available for general download.

1st July 2019

MO71 Version 9.1.2 is available for general download.

Contact Us

MQGem Software is based in New Zealand, and was founded in 2012 by Paul Clarke, a former member of the MQ Development team.

Please contact MQGem support if you have any queries, comments or suggestions.

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