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Questions about purchasing MQGem Software products

Why has my invoice total increased from last year?

MQGem Software invoices are always produced with two totals, one in our currency (NZD) and one in the currency you requested.

If your invoice total is different from last year, this could be for one of two reasons.

  1. Like any company, MQGem Software has to periodically increased its prices - compare the NZD total to determine this. MQGem Software prices are only set in NZD.
  2. Currency exchange rates fluctuate throughout the year and may have caused your currency total to be different even though the NZD total remains the same. Prices in other currencies are calculated based on the current exchange rate.

As exchange rates fluctuate, local currency totals are as likely to go down as well as up, so you may well find your invoice is actually cheaper than last year!

At MQGem Software, we naturally have no control over foreign exchange rates, we only have control over the NZD prices.